[cairo] xlib bug, with testcase

Antoine Azar cairo at antoineazar.com
Wed May 28 11:25:34 PDT 2008

Hey Vlad,

There are rendering problems on Win32 too. I traced it, and the bug seems to
be coming from the fbCompositeSrc_x888xnx8888mmx function.

If you comment out this loop, it all works fine:

	while (w >= 16)
	    __m64 vd0 = *(__m64 *)(dst + 0);
	    __m64 vd1 = *(__m64 *)(dst + 2);


	    *(__m64 *)(dst + 14) = vd7;

	    w -= 16;
	    dst += 16;
	    src += 16;

That's a temporary fix, I have no idea what the problem inside this loop
might be, maybe Fred can shed some light.

I'm attaching my resulting images, with and without MMX, and opaque and
non-opaque. The non-opaque ones are fine because we're calling a much
simpler code path, although the MMX version still gives a different result
from the non-MMX one.



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> Howdy,
> This showed up as https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=433917
> -- it seems to happen on linux and win32, though I haven't 
> tried reproducing it on win32.  The attached testcase shows 
> the problem; I've also attached the ref rendering from the 
> image backend.  If the first paint_with_alpha has an alpha 
> value less than 1.0, then..  
> strange things happen, I'm not even sure exactly what.  I'll 
> try to figure out a regression range in the next few days, 
> though if someone wants to beat me to it, please feel free :)
>      - Vlad
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