[cairo] Test case for threaded copy from the same surface (python)

Arjen Nienhuis a.g.nienhuis at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 12:54:51 PST 2009

>arjennienh: I try to copy from one image from two threads
>arjennienh: and it breaks
>arjennienh: could someone give me some help?
>arjennienh: I made a minimal testcase in python to show the problem.
>arjennienh: I ran it with the latest version from the repository
>arjennienh: I also tried to find the problem in the source code of cairo.
>arjennienh: But now I'm not even sure if it is even supported at all.
>arjennienh: Does anyone know?
>   Company: it's not supported yet
>   Company: as in: if it works, that's by accident
>   Company: it's one of the things we're trying to fix for 1.10
>   Company: so if you could provide your testcase, that'd be awesome

This version actually works because the threads are serialized. Change
the order of the start and join lines to see the breakage:

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