[cairo] EMF: text clipping

Kozhevnikov Mikhail mikhailkozhevnikov at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 17 15:09:13 PST 2009


Anybody knows the way to prevent text clipping when drawing to windows metafile?

Cairo (or GDI?) seems to use the current device metrics (i.e. 1600x900 for my monitor) to clip the text in a metafile. That is, I can not create a metafile of, say, 2000x2000 - the text will be clipped out.

I've tried cairo_reset_clip() and some WinAPI calls, e.g. SetViewportExtEx, SetWindowsExtEx, SelectClipRgn, but they make no difference.

Thanks in advance,
(and sorry for bothering everybody with windows metafiles)

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