[cairo] Cairo with OpenGL

Maximilian Ernestus erniejunior at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 30 11:19:55 PST 2009


i am new to C++ and i would like to use Cairo for graphics. As a  
backend i would like to use OpenGL because that is the most simplest  
solution for me. The OpenGL tutorial on http://www.cairographics.org/OpenGL/ 
  sounds good but the links to the example programs are dead. The  
screencast of the "Hello, world!" example didn't show enough of the  
I tried to follow the steps listed under "General approach". But i  
don't know which kind of cairo-surace to crate (maybe an image  
surface?). In addition i  don't know how to copy the cairo-surface  
into an OpenGL-texture.
I would be very glad if someone could help me with those two steps or  
if someone could tell me a link to the examples that works.



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