[cairo] output png fully-formatted png image to STDOUT or memory location

Pablo Romero romero619 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 11 11:33:19 PST 2009

IM trying to find a way to feed a cairo png image to imagemagick without having to write to a temporary disk file.
I looked into using cairo's image_surface_get_data() to return a pointer to the image pixels, but that unfortunately points to the raw image pixels, and I need to pass the full, "ready-to-write-to-disk" png image to imagemagick.
Is it possible to write a png file to STDOUT or to a specific, pre-allocated memory location???
more specifically, I only need 1 function from imagemagick that isnt avaible in cairo:
is it possible to set the compression quality on a png image in cairo????
this way I wouldnt have to deal with imagemagick

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