[cairo] Polygon clipping problem

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 19:15:17 PST 2009

Pardon the flood of messages.

I was able to replicate the problem on Windows as well. Windows bug is
slightly more specific, and seems to occur when coordinates are not
simply large, but also have certain values. The effect is the same - a
simple rectangular fill fails, producing empty image. Tried various
values and various sizes of the surface, to the same effect. I am not
sure if this can be called a major bug - it seems so to me.

I posted a new test case for Windows on Bugzilla as well.


cu wrote:
> Posted a bug in bugzilla.
> Looks like I also get the same behavior on Windows but only in the
> larger program (i.e. I can't replicate it with the test case alone just
> yet). Will try to isolate it as best I can.
> Hopefully if it gets fixed for Mac, it will somehow work on Windows too.
>  This bug pretty much stopped any development of our app.

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