[cairo] pdf hyperlinks

Dan McMahill dan at mcmahill.net
Tue Feb 17 19:02:13 PST 2009


Quite some time back there was a proposal on this list for an API for 
supporting hyperlinks in the pdf output from cairo.  Has there been any 
further discussion or movement towards implementing this?

This is the thread I am referring too:


My interest lies in a project (gEDA and in particular gschem) where we 
have custom postscript output currently for printing and might like to 
move to cairo and then be able to take advantage of GtkPrint.  Our 
application is one where hyperlinks could be fairly useful.  We don't 
have that coded into our custom postscript (yet) but it should be easy 
(pdfmark and then pstopdf can deal with it).  I would hate to lose this 
functionality if/when we move to cairo.

For postscript output, we'd want to output pdfmark.  Then if someone 
does a pstopdf conversion, the links will be preserved.  In fact, 
pdfmark's will even survive from a .eps file that is included into a 
LaTeX document and processed with dvips and later pstopdf.  It can be 
pretty slick.

I haven't looked into it much but I wonder if the same API would be 
appropriate for png imagemaps.


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