[cairo] I wonder if ICC (color management) support in Cairo is planned ?

Ralph Giles giles at ghostscript.com
Thu Feb 19 09:49:25 PST 2009

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 5:06 AM, KLEIN Stéphane <stephane at harobed.org> wrote:

> does ICC (color management) support in Cairo is planned in roadmap ?
> [...]
> I need this feature to build CMYK PDF with Cairo.

For those who haven't looked at the links, this is more about CMYK
colour support in cairo, which is generally tied with ICC support
since they touch the same parts of the API.

BTW, if it's really just CMYK pass-through you care about, there are
some simpler options. One could add a new type and use
cairo_surface_set_mime_data to pass in CMYK images as blobs which
could be passed through to the back end. Perhaps in some subset of

> * http://www.nabble.com/PDF,-CMYK-and-cairo-td15636763.html
> * http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/SpecIccForCairo

There is a proposal here. I guess the next step is for someone to do a
test implementation.


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