[cairo] Pixman coordinates

Travis Griggs tgriggs at cincom.com
Tue Jul 6 10:23:27 PDT 2010

There's a high level irony in this thread, that I think is amusing. I  
hope no one takes it personally, I'm a huge fan of Cairo, and indebted  
to all of the work many people contribute.

The irony is that from a binding point of view, everything is in  
double precision. Like I really need beyond 6 significant figures to  
specify alpha composition. So we've got way more resolution than we  
need (and it comes at a price from a call point of view, since it's  
twice as much data to put on the bus, even if the op of manipulating  
them is all done in 80bit land). But then when we get into these guts  
issues, we're trying to figure out how to maximize the precision we  
can express in a 32bit integer.

Travis Griggs
My Other Machine runs OSX. But then... so does this one.

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