[cairo] Multi-thread issue in cairo-win32-font.c

Lufy D.Monkey lufy2012 at yahoo.ca
Fri Jul 9 18:02:01 PDT 2010


I had encountered a multi-thread issue in cairo-win32-font.c line 133 to line 
153 (_get_global_font_dc()). There is a static variable in this function and 
when two threas are rendering the text. Although they dosen't share any cairo_t* 
or cairo_surface_t* it will end up failing the cairo rendering because of this 
static variable. I am not sure if anyone had reported this problem but I think 
the protection should be done in cairo library (I think cairo is a thread safty 
library, correct me if I am wrong). It doesn't make sence to protect in the 
application level: protecting threads that dosen't share anyhing.

any ideas?


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