[cairo] Kafx, A program using cairo

Jerónimo Barraco jerobarraco at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Jul 27 03:43:09 PDT 2010

Hello, my name is Jerónimo Barraco from Argentina.

I hope is not rude to send this email.
I've been developing a software using cairo from quite a while (more than  
2 years)
The software is (mostly) finished (in the sense that i won't be able to  
continue with an active development), and so, i wanted to share with the  
people developing cairo or intrested with it.

Im not looking for publicity, money or whatever, i just ended loving cairo  
so i wanted to show what i've been able to do with it (and what probably  
would have been imposible with other software). And maybe some one can get  
some help from the code.

In few words the software allows people with little programming skills to  
create karaoke subtitles with some effects and animation.
I know cairo is not meant for that, but, this shows how well developed  
cairo is, as it allowed me to do a lot of stuff, and really faster than  

If you are intrested, here you can find some more info:

Here is a link to the videos made with the software:  

And here is the blog where we keep most of the info:  

Just let me add that this was developed in my spare time while working and  
studying, so is just a really modest and humble piece of software.
Also i won't be adding new features as i don't have the time to do it.
Oh, and the soft is mainly in spanish because the lack of a spanish  
software for this stuff was probably the major reason to do it in first  
place. (English tutorials are planned)

Finally thanks to every one involved in Cairo, and the mailing list where  
i found answers to a lot of my questions (and asked a couple)

Any comments are welcome to my email address or where you find appropiate.

Barraco Mármol, Jerónimo.

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