[cairo] Missing pango get_type() functions

Andreas Falkenhahn andreas at airsoftsoftwair.de
Wed Mar 10 08:19:03 PST 2010


I'm trying to hack pango a little and I'm wondering where the various get_type()
functions are declared. E.g., the following functions are referenced but I can't
seem to find the location where they are declared?

GType pango_ft2_font_get_type(void);
GType pango_ft2_renderer_get_type(void);

Am I blind? I don't see them getting declared anywhere! Just the prototypes
are there, but no functions at all?!

Could someone enlighten me please? Are they automatically generated or
something? I can't use all these funky auto configure & make scripts because I'm
trying to get pango built on a very old AmigaOS setup. So it has to be done
manually. So what should I do to get the references to these functions resolved? 


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