[cairo] Rendering Intent names

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Wed Mar 17 08:40:45 PDT 2010

Am 17.03.10, 07:26 +0200 schrieb M Joonas Pihlaja:
> On Tue, 16 Mar 2010, Chris Murphy wrote:
>> So you'd need something that could guess at what in an image would
>> be an important area of fine detail - the highly saturated part is
>> cake to figure out in comparison. Detail is slightly harder.
>> Important detail is a lot harder. But it doesn't have to be perfect.
> This is, with all due respect, totally insane.  I think cairo should
> just use the standard rendering intent names and let UI designers deal
> with it.

Agreed, the UI level should not be mixed with underlying library code.
The guessing in what ever manner can happen in the app or CMS. The names 
shall not be fancy but preferedly standard. ICC terms are part of the ISO

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Kai-Uwe Behrmann
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