[cairo] Drawing an arrow

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Fri Nov 26 07:36:32 PST 2010

I decided to draw a circle on the line AB, close to B. That would determine the direction.
However, I have problem drawing the circle while drawing the line. Consider the following
block from the while loop:
        cairo_move_to (cr, *firstIter, *(firstIter+1));
        cairo_line_to (cr, *secondIter, *(secondIter+1));
        // here I calculate the coordinates of the wished circles...
Note that placing 
cairo_arc(cr, rectOrigin[0], rectOrigin[1], circleRad*0.5, 0, 2*M_PI);
instead of comment above leads to unwanted results.
What would be the way to draw these circles (given their origins) while drawing lines?

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Subject: Re: [cairo] Drawing an arrow

On Tue, 2010-11-23 at 16:27 +0000, necko necko wrote:
> A set of 2D coordinates needs be connected by lines, but some of these
> lines need be arrows;
> meaning, the sequence
>     cairo_move_to (cr, A.x, A.y);
>     cairo_line_to (cr, B.x, B.y);
> that draws a line from A to B, needs to be replaced with an arrow from
> A to B.
> Any help on how to achieve this is highly welcome.
> Thanks
It turns out, Behdad has already provided some code that does something
very similar to this! I include the code in Cairocks, the function is
called "map_path_onto" and I got it from some of his code... somewhere.
Please see the attached image for a demonstration. I only use a simple
arc as the path, but you could just as well use anything.
Weee! :)
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