[cairo] java bindings

Solerman Kaplon solerman at wonder.com.br
Mon Nov 29 02:21:22 PST 2010

Em 28-11-2010 17:01, Rustom Mody escreveu:
> If I have a java-cairo graphics application, is it (likely to be easy)
> to make a web-browser applet out of it?
> I ask because the java binding comes from 'java-gnome' and so I wonder
> about it running under non-linux systems.
> Thanks
> Rustom
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I'm not sure you can call native code from applets, maybe if you sign 
it. Beyond that, you will need a built for each system, i think you can 
put it all in the same jar just like SWT does. I dont think cairo have 
any dependencies on much external libs, and you can disable some stuff 
in a custom build so just the so/dll will be needed.


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