[cairo] Questions about Cairo and Windows

Lucan1d Beetle lucan1d at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 1 03:46:37 PDT 2010

I am looking for a 2D graphics toolkit for a new large project and Cairo is looking promising but one of the requirements I have is that the software runs well on Windows 7 so I would appreciate answers to the following questions:


Does Cairo run as well on Windows as it does on other platforms (i.e. Linux)?

Can I build Cairo on Windows or do I have to wait for GTK or someone else to build the latest version and release the binaries?
Can Cairo be built using Visual Studio 2010 or be built in such a way that the resulting library works well with code built using Visual Studio 2010?
In which Windows contexts/containers/frames can Cairo run such as Win32, MFC or WPF?
Are there any known issues, limitations or "gotchas" related to running Cairo on Windows?



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