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Hi Chris,
Thanks for the useful info.
No, Windows 7 is not the only target OS but it is the only target flavour of Windows that I will be supporting.  I also need Linux and Mac support.  I've had a look at Direct2D but besides not being cross-platform it doesn't seem to have all the functionality of Cairo anyway.
If/when I figure out the Visual Studio 2010 build processI will definitely share the details and the project file with everyone.





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I’ve been using cairo and Pango on Windows XP (via a set of VisualWorks Smalltalk bindings) for over a year and have been very happy with it. I work for a company that makes semiconductor processing equipment and we use cairo to drive an animation overview for one of the machines. It’s been in production for over a year without issue. Granted, we use a fraction of what cairo is capable of doing, but what we do use works very well. So far, every performance issue I have run into, has been on my side, not cairo.
When it came to building the DLLs, I started to try and do it all in VS2008, but ended up going the route of GCC+mingw32. I think an end-to-end build within VS is possible, I just didn’t have the patience to figure it all out. That was all when cairo was at 1.8.8. We are still using 1.8.8. Shortly after I finished mucking around with the whole build process, Travis Griggs (the same guy who made the Smalltalk language bindings) published an easier end-to-end build guide on the cairo wiki for building on Windows and Mac. You may have already seen this, but just in case, check out. http://cairographics.org/building/ . Over the next several weeks, I will be attempting to rebuild for 1.8.10, but will probably end up using the method that Travis published. If you do end up choosing to do it all in VS2010, I would be overjoyed to know how you did it!
Curious…is Windows7 the only target OS? If so, why not Direct2D (dare I mention that name on this forum….).

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Subject: [cairo] Questions about Cairo and Windows
I am looking for a 2D graphics toolkit for a new large project and Cairo is looking promising but one of the requirements I have is that the software runs well on Windows 7 so I would appreciate answers to the following questions:

Does Cairo run as well on Windows as it does on other platforms (i.e. Linux)?
Can I build Cairo on Windows or do I have to wait for GTK or someone else to build the latest version and release the binaries?
Can Cairo be built using Visual Studio 2010 or be built in such a way that the resulting library works well with code built using Visual Studio 2010?
In which Windows contexts/containers/frames can Cairo run such as Win32, MFC or WPF?
Are there any known issues, limitations or "gotchas" related to running Cairo on Windows?
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