[cairo] Accented characters and guimette

Nev Delap nev.delap at intelestream.net
Sat Oct 9 10:15:05 PDT 2010

Thanks for your reply justi and maaten.

Justi, a simple context.ShowText("é") or context.ShowText("»"); followed by
any other drawing operations should show it. (If that somehow doesn't
display in the mailing archive that was an e with acute accent and a right

Maaten, I had read about the "toy" aspect of those calls and the
recommendation to use Pango, but since I'm not doing anything more than
placing text, don't need anything special, I hadn't gone that way, yet. So I
guess I will now.

Thanks guys,


On 9 October 2010 06:06, justi <justi_10 at rediffmail.com> wrote:

> Hi  Nev
> We are woking at present on cairo with openvg backend(ARM linux).
> If yours cairo code uses the same backend please share the code ,we can run
> it on windows and see the nature of problems.
> Thanks
> Justi.
> ============
> On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 14:00:44 +0530 wrote
> >
> >
> Hi there,
> >
> I am using Cairo in a Mono application on Linux where it works perfectly.
> I'm running the application on Windows (exact same code running in Mono
> still).
> >
> My problem is that running on Windows when it either does
> context.TextExtents() or context.ShowText() with guillemets or characters
> with accents, no subsequent output is producted. It doesn't get an
> exception, doesn't write anything to the console, it just doesn't draw
> anything more on that context.
> >
> This is only on Windows, on Linux no problem.
> >
> So, I want to ask is it a known problem, if so, is there any workaround, if
> not is there something you can suggest to help me track down something
> useful to provide you for debugging? And if I made a minimal Mono
> application that works on Linux and shows the problem on Windows would you
> be able to use that?
> >
> Thanks,
> >
> Nev
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