[cairo] Problem drawing pixbuf

Tobias Hoffmann lcairo-list at thax.hardliners.org
Sat Oct 16 08:42:42 PDT 2010

Krzysztof Kosiński wrote:
> W dniu 15 października 2010 18:53 użytkownik Tobias Hoffmann
> <lcairo-list at thax.hardliners.org> napisał:
>> BTW, I'm using a recent nouveau X driver. And I haven't seen any problems
>> yet with the X-backend on OS X (but with a probably more recent cairo
>> version).
> This might indicate that Xrender is subtly broken in the Nouveau
> driver for your card. Can you install the proprietary driver or switch
> to the fallback VESA driver and see whether the issue still appears?
> If it doesn't, you might need to report this to Nouveau instead.
I tried another machine running similiar debian, but proprietary 
nv-driver -- no problems.
After updating the Nouveau userspace (drm, xf86-video-nouveau) to the 
latest git version that compiled with my kernel, it now works. Seems 
they fixed it in the last month, although some fancy desktop effects now 
run slower...

Thanks for your hints,

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