[cairo] PDF file with outside color

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at ens-lyon.fr
Tue Dec 6 13:18:03 PST 2011

> The PDF specification defines the initial fill and stroke color to be
> black. So it is not a bug for IPE to not set the stroke color if the
> required color is black. Cairo always sets the fill or stroke color the
> first time the color is used.
> I am not familiar with how LaTeX embeds PDF figures but it appears to be
> a bug in LateX for it to be not setting the stroke color to black before
> merging a PDF figure into its PDF output.

Nice to know, at least the situation is clear, thanks for the info. But 
the bug in LaTeX is very useful (so much so that it might even be 
intentional, who knows). Any way to make cairo act more like IPE by 
making it believe that the color is set already ?

[That feels a bit dirty, but as you say it does not break the standard 
;-) The generated PDF files should be functionally equivalent everywhere 
except in LaTeX.]


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