[cairo] Drawing shapes without anti-aliasing

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Wed Dec 21 04:10:22 PST 2011


On 20.12.2011 02:00, Benjamin Warren wrote:
> When I render an svg image(from file) with HTML it will read the
> "shape-rendering:crispEdges" style attribute in the svg's path
> elements and render those paths without anti-aliasing. Is there a way
> to get cairo to read style attribute in the same manor?
> At the moment it seems that when parsing an svg path to cairo ignores
> the "shape-rendering:crispEdges" in the style attribute of the svg
> paths. (even with anti-aliasing set to none on the cairo surface).

You are saying that cairo reads an SVG image and does something wrong? That 
can't be, cairo can't read SVG images.

What exactly are you doing? Are you using another library for reading the SVG?


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