[cairo] Cairo with OpenGLES

Singh Khurdiya Vijay (CM-AI/EAR) Vijay.SinghKhurdiya at de.bosch.com
Fri Jul 22 08:07:47 PDT 2011

 On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 12:14:14PM +0200, Singh Khurdiya Vijay (CM-AI/EAR) wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks....
> Currently I am trying to test some high level graphic toolkit like clutter (Currently testing),gtk...which will use cairo-pango for font rendering.
> I have working clutter  with GLES2 flavor (eglx),but test which used Cairo for font rendering are not working properly.(Not getting H/W acceleration..)
> What I found up to know is clutter uses Cairo image surface backed for this purpose  but I wanted to try using other surface backed & preferring gles as my test is working.
> I would like to know for this purpose can I use your work for testing & latter for extension based on need.

You can use cairo-gl surfaces for rendering fonts onto textures. Keep in
mind, though, that:

1. Dependening on your use case you may not get any performance benefits.
   Be sure to benchmark your changes.

Do you have any test case available which can give idea about performance or any test to test gles2-cairo part will be really helpful.

2. Setting up and using a cairo-gl(es2) device and surface is more
   complicated than using an image surface and requires interfacing with
   EGL, ensuring you don't mess up clutter/cogl state etc.

If you have come across any specific problem then please share the same.

Is their any specific GL(ES2) extension required to test your changes.
One more point currently I am not able to test ARGB 8888 from my GLES2 library but RGB 565 is working. I think so their might be some change required for the same in cairo-gl & egl source.


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