[cairo] Library conflicts when installing dependency libXrender

Christine Virata CVirata at flexerasoftware.com
Wed Jun 1 14:15:00 PDT 2011

I am attempting to install cairo on an AIX 5.3 machine using the
cairo-1.8.10-1.aix5.1.ppc.rpm file. One of the dependent packages is the
libXrender-0.9.6-1.aix5.1.ppc.rpm. Upon installing this rpm, I encounter
the following error: 


file /opt/freeware/lib/libXrender.a from install of libXrender-0.9.6-1
conflicts with file from package xrender-0.9.1-2


Has anyone encountered this during their installation? If so, how were
you able to resolve it? This is the last dependent package I need to
install to be able to install cairo. Any advice you can offer is greatly

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