[cairo] Cut cairo_t out of a cairo_t

Robert Uhl ruhl at xaipete.org
Tue Jun 7 13:58:06 PDT 2011


is it possible to cut a cairo_t B out of another cairo_t A?
For example, I plot something to cairo_t A and then give this cairo_t A 
to another plotting routine, which should only be able to plot to a 
cut-out of this cairo_t A.
I can call the routine with x and y coordinates, a width and a height of 
the allowed area to plot to, but I want to ensure that the routine is 
only able to plot to the cut-out. So it would be more secure to give 
only a cut-out of cairo_t A to the routine, not the entire cairo_t A.

Is there any function in Cairo which cuts an area out of a cairo_t A and 
returns this area as a cairo_t B?

Kind regards,

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