[cairo] Cut cairo_t out of a cairo_t

Robert Uhl ruhl at xaipete.org
Wed Jun 8 14:05:32 PDT 2011

Thanks for your answer!
I did it this way:

cairo_surface_t* surface_full = cairo_get_target(cr_full);

cairo_surface_t* surface_cutout = 
cairo_surface_create_for_rectangle(surface_full, p_border, p_border, 
width_cutout, height_cutout);

cairo_t* cr_cutout = cairo_create(surface_cutout);

draw(cr_cutout, width_cutout, height_cutout);


On 08.06.2011 08:27, Andrea Canciani wrote:
> If you want to guarantee that the routine won't be able to escape the
> boundaries you chose nor put B in an invalid status, you can use
> cairo_surface_create_for_rectangle() and create a cairo_t on that

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