[cairo] Cairo with OpenVG backend

Guru Das guru2178 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 10:56:23 PST 2011


I am new to the cairo and looking at using cairo with OpenVG/EGL as the
backend, and integrate the same with a GPU supporting OpenVG.

I have seen some posts mentioning that cairo supports OpenVG as the backend.
I am using the latest cairo release 1.10.2 and found that cairo-vg-surface.c
actually provides support for creating an EGL surface. However, I am unable
to locate any code where OpenVG calls are being made to draw for e.g.
vgImagesubData, vgReadPixels etc which would be needed in order to
accelerate OpenVG calls.

Can someone please point to the code that I should be looking at? Has
someone already successfully tried cairo with OpenVG as the backend? if so
any samples and pointers would be of great help.

Some of the links which seem to had some details are broken (
http://people.freedesktop.org/~pippin/cairo/OpenVG/) any help in order to
help me understand the current status, pointers where I can get the OpenVG
backend support or guidelines as to how OpenVG needs to be integrated with
cairo would be of great help.

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