[cairo] Real Time Video Application

Germán Carrera german.carrera at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 09:03:29 PST 2011

Dear All,

(Excuse me for my english)

I have a real time intensive 2D graphics application. This application
is written for Windows XP with the obsolete direct draw libraries/API.
I have some performance problems. In the past summer I made some
improvements and code optimizations (threads, qeues etc), but the
graphics engine still be the same.

I think that the only way to obtain a faster display refresh is using
a more modern graphic library/API. My restrictions are:

* Use of surfaces (I don't want to change important code parts).
* At the moment, I cannot make a port to Direct2D. I have Windows 7
computers, but are no directX 10 compatible (but in a future I cannot
discard a different backend utilization).

My questions are the following:

Is Cairo a possible solution for my application performance problems?
In that case, What could be the Cairo Backend more appropiate for an
application written in Windows XP operating system (Visual Studio
2005? (The program have to run in WindowsXP/Windows 7 with the best
possible efficiency) ...

Or, the only way is using Direct 3D (But I'd will lost all my graphic
surfaces programming) ?...

Thank you, Germán

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