[cairo] Tangential glyph enlargement

Tobias Hoffmann lcairo-list at thax.hardliners.org
Tue May 10 06:35:58 PDT 2011


I'm using cairo (and freetype) to output some text, in bigger letters, 
and allowing effects like stroked outline + different fill color, etc.
One parameter would then allow to draw the glyph a little bit bigger or 
smaller (and overlay this with itself, but unchanged size).

But just using a bigger font_size for that is not what's really wanted. 
Strictly speaking, the glyph has to be "tangentially enlarged" (or shrunk).
I'm currently using Cairo::Context::glyph_path().

Is this possible/advisable to do with cairo (say, Cairo::Path), or 
should I try to grab the data from freetype and feed cairo with the 
modified path?
Or is there still a better way?


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