[cairo] raw Image buffer copy to cairo surface.

Samarth Deo 83.samarth at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 03:49:40 PST 2011

Dear All,

I am relatively new to Cairo and graphics rendering and currently am just
experimenting with some code. The following scenario led me to ask this

- I am currently working on EFL Port of Webkit in Linux env (ubuntu 11.04)
- EFL port of webkit is binded strongly with cairo.
- I am trying to experiement with cairo code base in EFL port.
- My spc requirement (at this time of experimentation) is to copy a raw
pixel buffer onto cairo surface and just display it onto the screen.

Things which I have done-
- I am currently checking my experiment in only one api (drawRect). I am
trying to capture drawRect api and forcefully executing my code there.
- Steps are
  Creating an image surface from data.
  Setting this surface as a source to the current context.
  calling cairo_paint for this surface.

- Just a simple working of copying raw data to created cairo surface and
displaying it on the screen would suffice for now. Even if i see it while
under debug/breakpoints. (As other operations might over rite those.)

Any pointers, links , help would be highly appreciated.

PS: Being new to OpenVG, I may have missed out on providing more relevant
information for the problem statement , which I would be more than happy to
provide. [image: :?]

Thanks in advance  [?]
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