[cairo] Embedding phonetic symbols in R

Sverre Stausland johnsen at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Oct 28 19:36:08 PDT 2011

As suggested by Luiz, I downloaded these packages in .zip format (from

zlib, cairo, libpng, Freetype, Fontconfig, expat.

As Theo suggested, I extracted their content and put all the .dll
files from these packages into C:\R-2.13.2\bin\i386 (at least that's
how I interpreted "in the bin directory of the R package to be

Using the same calls as James suggested earlier, I still get the same
error message as before:

> library(Cairo)
> CairoPDF("DoulosCairo.pdf")
> CairoFonts(regular="Doulos Sil:style=Regular",
+  bold="Doulos Sil:style=Bold",
+  italic="Doulos Sil:style=Italic",
+  bolditalic="Doulos Sil:style=Bold Italic,BoldItalic",
+  symbol="Symbol"
+ )
Warning message:
In CairoFonts(regular = "Doulos Sil:style=Regular", bold = "Doulos
Sil:style=Bold",  :
  the R Cairo package was not installed with fontconfig. Please
consider installing the cairo graphics engine (www.cairographics.org)
with freetype and fontconfig support

Any help would be highly appreciated!


On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 3:06 AM, Theo Veenker <T.J.G.Veenker at uu.nl> wrote:
> On 08/10/2011 06:10 AM, Sverre Stausland wrote:
>> That sounds good, Luiz. But unfortunately, I still do not know exactly
>> what it is I have to do to make cairo work in R in Windows. I
>> understand that these zip files contain files I need, but what do I do
>> with them? Where do I put them?
> Create a temp directory and download them into this directory. Unzip all
> and delete the zip files (personally I also delete the share and manifest
> directories). This should leave you a bunch of dll files. You can put the
> dll's in the bin directory of the R package to be distributed. I recommend
> against installing the dll's in the system32 directory, because that might
> cause trouble for other program's that insist on having and older or newer
> set of cairo related dll's, and it also makes uninstalling/reinstalling R
> saver. I use nsis for creating my Windows installer/uninstaller (from
> Linux).
> Theo

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