[cairo] Performance issue with get_text_extents

Dimiter "malkia" Stanev malkia at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 10:21:33 PDT 2012

I've just verified that, and you are right :)

device.cc is not in the .vcproj / .vcxproj files, while say matrix.cc is 

malkia ~/p/cairomm $ git grep matrix.cc
ChangeLog:      * tests/test-matrix.cc:
ChangeLog:      * cairomm/matrix.cc:
ChangeLog:      matrix.h, win32_font.h, matrix.cc and win32_font.cc to 
the project.
ChangeLog:      * cairomm/matrix.cc:
ChangeLog:      * tests/test-matrix.cc: modify the tests for the change 
in API.  The new API
ChangeLog:      * cairomm/matrix.cc: Added.
ChangeLog:      * tests/test-matrix.cc: Added.
MSVC_Net2010/cairomm/cairomm.vcxproj:    <ClCompile 
Include="..\..\cairomm\matrix.cc" />
MSVC_Net2010/cairomm/cairomm.vcxproj.filters:    <ClCompile 
cairomm/filelist.am:    matrix.cc                       \

malkia ~/p/cairomm $ git grep device.cc
cairomm/filelist.am:  device.cc \

I'm not sure how the .vcproj / .vcxproj are generated, or maybe they are 
maintained manually, but it looks like this file needs to be added there.

On 4/1/12 7:08 AM, Fan Chun-wei wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> You might want to check whether the source that contains the implementation of Cairo::Device::Device is being compiled in the "cairomm" project-it's complaining as get_device (sorry if I mis-remembered the function) could not get the Cairo::Device::Device constructor implementation/symbol.  It seems that the projects for building cairomm missed that source file, as the linker error seems like it is missing a C++ symbol, not a C symbol (as in Cairo)-so do a search for it and add it into the "cairomm" project.
> I remember hitting this when I built cairomm.
> Hope this helps.
> With blessings,
> -Fan, Chun-wei
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