[cairo] How to build without librsvg, libspectre, poppler

Ryan Schmidt cairo-2012b at ryandesign.com
Mon Apr 9 03:29:44 PDT 2012

Hello, I'm the maintainer of cairo in MacPorts. Since upgrading to 1.12, some users have reported build failures because of libraries cairo is using that I did not expect it to use.

Cairo in MacPorts currently expects the following dependencies:

$ port -q deps cairo
Build Dependencies:   pkgconfig
Library Dependencies: libpixman, glib2, fontconfig, freetype, libpng, zlib, expat, xrender, xorg-xcb-util

But we have users reporting that it's also using librsvg, libspectre and poppler.

How do I inform the cairo build process not to use those libraries? "configure --help" does not show any obvious switches.

Or, why would I want cairo to use those libraries?

librsvg is particularly puzzling; how can cairo be using librsvg, when librsvg itself uses cairo? That's a circular dependency, something MacPorts cannot accommodate.

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