[cairo] [PATCHES] documentation update

Nis Martensen nis.martensen at web.de
Wed Apr 11 13:55:53 PDT 2012

Am 11.04.2012 22:23, schrieb Uli Schlachter:
> On 10.04.2012 22:16, Nis Martensen wrote:
>> +to_win32_device
>> +to_win32_device_from_surface
>> +to_win32_display_surface
>> +to_win32_printing_surface
>> +to_win32_surface
> These caught my eye. And according to git grep, my eye was right. These are only
> defined in cairo-win32-private.h and are private.
> How did you generate your list of undocumented symbols? Does gtk-doc have some
> "magic" for private symbols that I am not aware of?

The list is automatically generated by gtk-doc:

autogen.sh --enable-gtk-doc
make doc

The list of undocumented symbols can then be found in

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