[cairo] Quartz regression in release 1.12

cu cairouser at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 18:29:58 PDT 2012

Sorry about that, I am an svn user :)

I followed checkout instructions sent in a follow-up to your message by
Dominic, which checked
out the master branch.  I updated to remotes/origin/wip/map-quartz and
with that
the text rendering bug seems to be fixed.

The concurrency/memory allocation is also not showing up, which is good.
It used to hit right away.
Good update so far - thanks!

Andrea Canciani wrote:
> Ok, I'm quite confident that this means that you're not on the
> wip/map-quartz branch.
> Please check if 'git branch' returns a list of branches with
> 'wip/map-quartz' starred.
> If not, please do 'git checkout wip/quartz-map', rebuild and test again.
> (Fixing this issue with the mapping is exactly the purpose of the
> wip/map-quartz branch).
> Another way to check if you're on the right branch is to check if the
> current state is 'git log'. It should show a list of commits and the
> first one should be 6021ff13f5e7d8ab0b9692cf36ee055c45530134.
> Andrea

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