[cairo] Kerning

Anu John anujohnt at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 20:22:04 PDT 2012


I am new to cairo graphics. I am trying to draw a text letter by letter. I want to get a constant space between each letter in the text.
When I use the courier font which is fixed width font, it works fine. But in the case of Serif even if I add to the x co-ordinate the 
extents.width (extents is of type cairo_text_extents_t ) and constant to get the uniform spacing, the spacing is non uniform. 
Sometimes there is overlap and sometimes there is too much of space. Could you please suggest a solution to solve this problem?

Is there any option in cairo by which when I give the text I can also specify the spacing between each letter in the text?

I really appreciate the time and help of people in the cairo community

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