[cairo] Bug in libsvg-cairo-0.1.6: svg-cairo.h has incorrect path for cairo.h

Patrick McMunn doctorwhoguy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 22:39:44 PDT 2012

Earlier this evening I was compiling DirectFB 1.6.1 with SVG support.
During compilation, it included the header file
/usr/include/svg-cairo.h and failed with an error saying cairo.h
doesn't exist. As it turns out, /usr/include/cairo.h doesn't exist,
but /usr/include/cairo/cairo.h does. So I opened
/usr/include/svg-cairo.h, edited line 25 from "#include <cairo.h>" to
"#include <cairo/cairo.h>" and the compilation then proceeded without
further errors. I am using libsvg-cairo-0.1.6 and cairo-1.10.2 on
Funtoo (a Gentoo fork). Whether cairo's header installation path has
changed since earlier versions or what, I do not know. However it
appears that as it is libcairo-svg has a typo which should be

Patrick McMunn

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