[cairo] Color space API

Krzysztof Kosiński tweenk.pl at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 09:09:41 PDT 2012

2012/8/3 Francois Robert <frobert at atex.com>:
> I am not sure what you call "screen buffer". I believe it is an OS responsibility to alter color values passed to your video card, in accordance to the colorspace definition for your -calibrated- display. If by "screen buffer" you intend the array of values passed to the OS for blitting, then I believe you are more or less correct. If by "screen buffer" you intend the memory internal to the video card which is accessed by the DACs when they construct the signal sent down a VGA wire to the display, I believe you are wrong.

No, the OS does not alter the data sent to the video card in any way.
The OS merely provides a way to query the ICC profiles assigned to the
devices. The application must apply color correction on its own.
Within the proposed Cairo API, this would mean drawing on a surface
that has a colorspace extracted from the ICC profile of the intended
output device.

Regards, Krzysztof

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