[cairo] cairo release 1.12.4 now available

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Mon Dec 10 09:05:38 PST 2012


On 10.12.2012 13:57, Klaus Stengel wrote:
> please find a simple test program and a corresponding backtrace of the X
> error in the attachments. I tested with the library versions currently
> available on Debian testing (libcairo 0.12.2). The XRENDER version
> reported by the X11 server is 0.10:
> Nevertheless, libcairo tries to perform an XRenderComposite operation
> with PictOpDifference, which is a feature only available on XRender 0.11
> when running the attached test program:
> The main problem seems to be the function _render_operator() in
> cairo-xlib-render.c, which just translates any cairo operator to the
> corresponding XRender code without any checks. This function is used in
> various calls to XRender functions.

This analysis seems correct. Let's see when someone comes around and fixes this.

For the mean time, I want to mention that cairo-xcb (and thus cairo-xlib-xcb,
see --enable-xlib-xcb) does not have this problem and can be used. Yay! :-)

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'You know that thing you just did? Don't do that.'
                     -- Douglas Adams

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