[cairo] i386

Ryan Schmidt cairo-2012b at ryandesign.com
Thu Dec 20 15:31:15 PST 2012

On Dec 20, 2012, at 06:33, Oli Larkin wrote:

> I-m trying to build a fat 32/64bit cairo static library on OSX 10.6 but trying to do an i386 build fails. Looks like Coregraphics framework is not linked properly
> can anyone help? A 64bit build works. Is there an easy way to make a fat binary without manually lipo-ing them together?
> cheers.
> oli
> ./configure --build=i386

I'm not sure what this "--build=i386" flag is; the way to build a program for a different architecture is to pass "-arch" flags in the CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS at configure time:

CFLAGS="-arch i386" CXXFLAGS="-arch i386" LDFLAGS="-arch i386" ./configure

To build a universal binary of cairo in MacPorts, we build for each arch separately and then lipo them together. (So if you just want a universal binary of cairo, you can certainly use MacPorts to get it: "sudo port install cairo +universal".) The reason we switched to using lipo at the time was an endian check in the configure script which the cairo developers at the time did not wish to change:


Cairo has evolved in the five years since then so I don't know what the current situation is when using the simpler method of specifying all -arch flags at once.

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