[cairo] cairo test suite result within gl backend

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Tue Jan 17 01:56:19 PST 2012

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> Hi,
> As far as I known, every version in svn is indicated by a version number.
> So how did you find the sha1 in DejaVu svn?
> Thanks.
I didn't look at Dejavu svn, only at dejavu packages released.

cairo/test/README file say :
"   97   * Your system must have a copy of the DejaVu font, the sha1sum of
   98     the version used are listed in [...].  These are
   99       "DejaVu Sans" (DejaVuSans.ttf) [682718dd37c3f6a4767386d3b2b27fba9b219818];
  100       "DejaVu Sans Mono" (DejaVuSansMono.ttf) [1cc58255d6f9df2b08e760ca38937a2957153484];
  101       "DejaVu Serif" (DejaVuSerif.ttf) [020e72e92cb2f66107dc18c70ac4214df4f13014]; "
this is from a cairo-11.2 tree found on the web as http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=cairo is actually broken and only display "fd.o is running normally. You may have mistyped the domain name ..."

I searched on each dejavu package available for a font matching the various sha1sum but found none.


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