[cairo] How to cross compile py2cairo

suzuki toshiya mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Wed Jan 18 00:14:05 PST 2012


Considering the error message by configure, it looks like
as if you executed ./configure directly, instead of "./waf configure".
If, if you've executed "./waf configure" but you got same error,
please check how Python executed waf script, by setting PYTHONVERBOSE
environment. In my case, "env PYTHONVERBOSE=1 ./waf configure"
gave attached output.

BTW, I'm not sure whether waf supports autoconf-like cross building
(rather, I'm not sure whether waf supports cross building itself).

# In addition, setting CC for cross-building is looking like a method
# advertised by too legacy broken tutorials and that had misguided many
# newbies (it works in some cases, but does not work in other cases).
# I want to know who taught you it :-)


xsj wrote:
> Hi,
>      I want to cross compile py2cairo-1.10,but find that it use waf as the 
> build tool,which i did't know well. So, i try to define the CC,PKG_CONFIG_PATH ... enviroment var,and follow the
> orders in the INSTALL file,but it use the wrong library 
>      I also find that it has the configure script and try to ./configure ,but it complaint : "configure: error: cannot find install-sh, install.sh, or shtool in "." "./.." "./../..""
>      Above all, please tell me how to use waf to cross-compile or fix the configure script error.
> Thanks
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