[cairo] Public API for pattern duplication (Mark Vender)

Maximilian Heinzler maxi at heinzler.de
Fri Mar 2 09:11:32 PST 2012

I'm working on a c++ image library and I'm using a self-written
cairo_pattern_copy at the moment which is much less efficient and more
error prone than a version implemented in cairo, so I look forward for
such a patch.

I think a concrete use case would be the same as it is used in cairo-pdf
- to hold a snapshot of a pattern which does not change if its original

I also hope for a public version of the cairo_*_set_status functions,
but that's another issue.

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> wrote:
> > Could someone indicate whether this function is still welcome to
> > If the problem is that just nobody else is interested, I could
> > contribute a patch adding this functionality myself.
> If you have a concrete use case and such functionality will be useful
> you, please do submit the patch to give a public entry point to
> _cairo_pattern_create_copy(). Be prepared to justify your use case
> though. ;)
> -Chris
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