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Tim Hirrel timhirrel at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 8 07:30:28 PST 2012


TdhGISnet, a network path analysis
program, has been released and can now be downloaded via TdhGIS.com

	The purpose of TdhGISnet is to find and display minimum paths for
networks such as those representing roads or communication links.
Path values may represent any user selected data, such distances,
travel times or costs. Path analysis may determine:

	The minimum path between any 2 locations in the network
	The minimum path between a starting location and any one of a
	set of potential end locations.
	The minimum path between a starting location and an entire
	set of intermediate locations. 

	These operations may be particularly useful for a network where
the path values are frequently changing or where connection data is
frequently changing. 

	TdhGISnet is available in executable
code for both the MS Windows and Linux operating systems and may be
used free of charge.

	TdhGISnet joins a suite of vector
graphics based programs including TdhGIS, providing spatial analysis,
and TdhCad, a graphics editor. All programs were developed using
cross platform, object oriented programming by Tim Hirrel, a
professional engineer and software architect/programmer. 

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