[cairo] Installing on RHEL5 (CentOS) along with Cairo.pm

Charlie Garrison garrison at zeta.org.au
Sat Mar 31 02:13:59 PDT 2012

Good evening,

On 31/03/12 at 11:25 AM +1030, Adrian Johnson 
<ajohnson at redneon.com> wrote:

>I don't have any suggestions for fixing the compile errors. But you
>don't need to build the test suite to install cairo. You can just do
>cd src
>make install
>to install the library.

Thanks, but I had already tried that and it doesn't work. Since 
the `make` command failed, `make install` will run the compile 
step again, which fails, so the install fails.

But maybe there is a way to stop the tests from compiling; I'll 
look for that.

In the meantime, I thought about going back to packaged cairo 
and an older version of Cairo.pm. I was able to install Cairo.pm 
v1.60 (from couple of years ago) and that is working fine for my needs.

I'd rather solve it though so I don't have an ancient package 
that I need to ensure doesn't get updated (or try to be updated).


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