[cairo] cairo Digest, Vol 97, Issue 5

Roger Davis rbd at soest.hawaii.edu
Thu Aug 8 11:17:22 PDT 2013

Hi Jennifer,

I have a number of medium- to large-ish apps which I recently ported from 
Xlib/Motif to Cairo/GTK3, running on both CentOS 6 and MacOS (10.8.x). I 
have had no rendering problems on MacOS, either on XQuartz or the previous 
MacOS-distributed X in earlier MacOS releases. My code differs from yours, 
however, in that I have completely removed all direct Xlib calls from my 
own code, and have done everything through GTK3 using that package's event 
handling and its GtkDrawingArea type. This might be a difference worth 
investigation. If nothing else, you probably want to get away from Xlib in 
the long run any way although it's of course a major bit of work which is 
never convenient.

Roger Davis
Univ. of Hawaii

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