[cairo] Mac OS X, getting started?

The Devils Jester thedevilsjester at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 18:51:55 PST 2013


I am looking into using Cairo as a graphics backend for a project of mine
and am having trouble getting a Mac OS X build setup.  Using MacPorts, or
Homebrew both want to pull the XQuartz version when I do not want that.

There is a how to of sorts on

But this is a very dated how to and does not appear to work at certain
stages (this is probably due to some of the package versions linked to in
the how to not being available at those locations anymore and using new
versions, i.e. libpng and due to OS X 10.8 changes).  Not only this, but I
am not interested in PPC support or fat binaries or 32bit support.

Does anyone have a more updated compile how to?

Second, and just as important, I cannot seem to find a "window based" hello
world example for Mac OS X.  The only code I can find is for xorg window
creation.  Does anyone have an example for Mac OS X?
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