[cairo] Compose several SVGSurfaces, bug?

Patrick Niklaus patrick.niklaus at student.kit.edu
Sat Feb 9 09:09:16 PST 2013


my application is composing several SVGSurfaces onto one SVGSurface
using cr->set_source(otherSurface, 0, 0) and cr->paint(). However I
encountered a strange bug: The resulting SVG images contains all other
surfaces as rasterized PNG images. Does anyone know what could trigger
this behavior? Then I write the other surfaces to a file directly,
they seem to be fine. For example images see [1] and [2].

I'm unable to reproduce this with test code, and my software seems to
work correctly with the Cairo packages provided by Ubuntu 12.04 (cairo
1.10.2 and cairomm 1.10), but when I use the current Cairo version
from git, the bug described above occurs.
When I compile Cairo 1.10.2 myself from git, the bug also occurs.
Maybe I'm missing an important package or configuration option?
./configure displays "SVG: yes", so I guess everything *should* be
there. The Ubuntu package also doesn't contain any obvious patches
that fixed anything like this. Other people running Ubuntu 12.10 with
Cairo 1.12.2 also seem to be experiencing this bug.

Are there any relevant cairo-tests I could check to see if everything
should work?

Best Regards,

[1] http://execfoo.de/dev/image_wrong.svg
[2] http://execfoo.de/dev/image_correct.svg

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