[cairo] Having trouble getting started - can you advise if I should perserve

Simon Sapin simon.sapin at exyr.org
Sun Jan 13 23:28:00 PST 2013

Le 14/01/2013 08:19, peter shadbolt a écrit :
> No - that would be a bad assumption on my part.  When I tried compiling
> my program I encountered
> fatal error cairo.h no such file or directory
> so I assumed I needed to download and install the libraries.
> I'll look more closely at that error.

You need to tell your compiler where to find cairo.h with something like 

However you probably need more of these compiler flags.
On Linux, the pkg-config can give them to you. In turn, you should tell 
pkg-config which cairo backends you’ll be using.

gcc $(pkg-config --cflags --libs cairo cairo-ft cairo-pdf) …

I’m sure you can find many resources on the web about building C 
programs, header files, compiler flags, pkg-config etc.

Simon Sapin

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