[cairo] request

Selddd sselddd at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 09:32:53 PST 2013

Hello! I am very interested in traveling to your country. Your country
is very beautiful.
I admire your architecture, culture, attractions, government, historic
sites, nature, people! People in your country are very kind, sweet,
sympathetic. Someday I want to live in your country...
My friends and I are very happy and pleased to visit you. Were very
pleasant memories and impressions! We'll come to you again!
I also really like the Corporate Ethics, adopted in organizations and
companies of your country. People work quality, good job, they are
responsible and always support each other in their work.
I ask to give me any gifts and souvenirs with the soul and the symbol
of your country and city or your company. Please!!! All you want to
send, absolutely any thing! I will be very proud of your gifts. It's
so beautiful and wonderful
when people from different sides of the world can give each other
little gifts and joy! Do not think for arrogance and not be angry at
my request.
I am very sad that I can not live in your country and enjoy its
advantages and quality of life. Your gifts will warm my heart and
truly make my day! I will be very grateful for any little thing,
because it's from the heart!
My postal address: 432027 Rozy Luxemburg 5-61 Ulyanovsk Russia.
Thanks!!! I sincerely wish you all the best, love, happiness, health,
joy and light of life!
With love and best wishes, miss Irina Lomakina.

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