[cairo] fractional positioning + glyph caching

Cosmin Apreutesei cosmin.apreutesei at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 03:51:28 PDT 2013


Does the cairo glyph cache support fractional positioning?

I tried:
  - cairo_show_glyphs()  - caching but no frac. positioning
  - cairo_glyph_path() / cairo_fill() - fact. positioning but no caching
  - _cairo_font_options_set_round_glyph_positions(CAIRO_ROUND_GLYPH_POS_OFF)
with both functions above - it has no effect.

A related question. I tried:


but it does not affect cairo_show_glyphs(), which always renders in
grayscale, but it does work with cairo_show_text() - a bug?

Also, I noticed that CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_BEST makes cairo_show_glyphs() to
render each glyph horizontally stretched 3x - a bug?

Any hits appreciated,

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